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It Originates from the high quality Canturra coffee beans, cultivated in the highest parts of the mountains and carefully hand-picking when coffee cherries are deep red.

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A blend of Caturra and other selected varieties of Colombian coffee beans. Our fermentation Process is performed using spring water from streams nearby to
our crops.


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A specialty coffee “Arabigo Castilla” has a controlled acidity and full body which facilitates bean milling for the roasting process, therefore, giving the coffee a smooth hint of Mocha.

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Huila is renowed in the speciality coffee industry for being the highest quality coffee producing region in the world. Our speciality coffee farm is located between the central and western area of the Andes mountain range.

Yuma Coffee grows on volcanic soil, high-altitud (4.430-6.562 feet) and micro-climates contributing to its unique taste and aroma such as natural, sweetness, good balance of acidity and flavorful notes.

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Yuma Coffee has implemented quality assurance procedures for all production stages to guarantee the highest standards in our specialty grade beans.

Our specialty coffee cuppers, together with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation cuppers, perform multiple cupping tests through every stage of the production process to ensure that coffee is always to specialty grade and prevent non-quality beans from mixing into the selection.

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Social & Enviromental Contribution

As a family with a tradition as coffee plantation owners, we pledge our support to the farming families that work and nurture the land.

For every sale made, a percentage will be donated toward the education and welfare of the most-needed children with the purpose of accomplishing our utmost yearned goal: build a school where our passion for Coffee and People dwells and be able to see smiles and tranquility blooming in the faces of our children.



We, as our ancestors, are from South Huila, Colombia. We lived and grew among majestic landscape, warm and kind people who are passionate for their land and traditions. People we have been able to meet, in a few places around the world, acknowledge oir remarkable cleverness, capabilities and joviality.

We have been living in the United States of America for more than 15 years with our two children. And now we have decided to follow our dream, which is to inspire and be inspired by our passion for coffee. Driven by such a dream, Yuma Coffee is being launched as one of the first specialty coffee from the Huila region, initiating a new venture jointly with our professional team, coffee growers and consumers, focusing our efforts not only in the quality of our beans but also in supporting and valuing coffee farmers and communities near to our crops and preserving the ecosystem by implementing non-polluting methods for coffee processing. We are committed to a better and fair society and a healthy planet.



Yuma Coffee is committed to working with the coffee growing families, valuing their work and supporting educational programs. Furthermore, though sustainable eco-friendly production techniques, we assure the preservation of our coffee ecosystem and environment by continuously improving in order to achieve a better life for fugure generations.


Our family-oriented company was founded in 2012 in South Florida with the mission of producing and distributing specialty coffee from the region of South Huila, Colombia, always using eco-friendly practices. Yuma Coffee has established exclusive strategic aliances with local coffee growers, smallhoding farmers associations and coffee roasters in the area of Huila to guarantee the superior quality specialty grade beans for each Yuma Coffee products offered in the United States.

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